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2011-04-30 14:33:10 by TheAeon

figured out how to make sounds way more attractive, still have a lack of song structure knowledge but i dont care when the sounds blasting away everything. also leveled my kick modifying skills naw they dont sound that empty/weak 'n stuff! yayz!

p.s.: im an adult now (9th april [also hugh hefner had birthday on that day he's 85 now!]) wow! 18 nerdy years.. job, money, luck - everything's gone lol!
never forget the child in you or you'll freeze and stop being funny n stuff - just like zombies!

NEW SONGS: "meeting cerberus at acheron" and "dark rift"

2010-06-19 17:27:29 by TheAeon

"meeting cerberus at acheron" is an IDM (intelligent dance music) song that sounds experimental, exotic, disharmonic and strange. dont rate it when you dont know anything about IDM, please.

"dark rift" is a song with sounds and all this stuff. just check it out :)

space-hop out now!

2010-05-03 09:22:16 by TheAeon

ugh yea a new song again.. well its a loop and this time before you ZERO BOMB it listen to it and when its so bad write constructive critic please -.-

V1RUS is here

2010-04-25 11:50:55 by TheAeon

my new V1RUS loop is here, go check it out and enjoy!

no third version

2010-04-21 14:17:53 by TheAeon

the third version is too similar to another one so i wont up it, anyways i hope you like the new song and having fun with music!!

oh and people who dont like my music: when your so mad on my music and rate it down please write 'why' so i can improve.. only mad lazy kids are rating down things just because its not perfect and well too lazy to write why thats sad..

Decisions Decisions...

2010-04-20 16:18:58 by TheAeon

a new song from me is here!!! check it out i think its pretty cool!
today i uploaded two version of it, tomorrow will come the last version because i cant decide what kind of beat i should choose roflmao :D

Epic Fail

2010-03-22 09:33:58 by TheAeon

a new song uploaded today...
i set the genre to 'MISC'...
after uploading i see that its in the 'LATIN' genre... doh!

p.s.: *facepalm*


2010-03-20 11:21:11 by TheAeon

and again a new try to make a loop or a song, again i dont know what it is lol but anyways i hope you like it!


2010-01-31 13:57:44 by TheAeon

I have made some new Art and I wanted to show them to everyone here on NG but nobody scouted me yet, so please help me and scout me so that I can upload more Art!!! It'll worth it :P


2009-12-31 11:06:39 by TheAeon

wtf year is over... happy nu yiah ima sayin.. keep it simple back to the roots celebrate the nu yiah dudes :P